Welcome To Social Secure Direct Sahyog Direct Marketing Pvt Ltd

Welcome to Social Secure Direct Sahyog Direct Marketing Pvt Ltd

Social Secure Direct Sahyog Direct Marketing Pvt Ltd is the company of unparallel concept of creative business with enormous future growth potentiality and proven resilience. This company is powered by a team of sound knowledge and skilled personals having tremendous technical expertise in their field.

Our team of experts have the unmatchable idea and conception :- People to people marketing which can generate the ultimate benefits without loosing time and money." We approach and share with you, a powerful business opportunity that is going to allow you to change your life financially.

We remain committed to our principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and to our effort to support sustainable development to our people and to the country through our system. We look ahead with cautious optimism. I believe that we have demonstrated that we have the right formula for leadership in a challenging and highly competitive world.

Social Secure Direct Sahyog Direct Marketing Pvt Ltd's business is built on the following principles, which our associates believe to constitute a round foundation for a meaningful life.

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  • Reward ALTO

    SSD6394838 Mukesh kumar

  • TOP TEN PROMOTERS, 1st closing Februari 2019

    1)863 Md seneul Haque 106 2)002 Rakesh singh 51 3)669 BALRAM KUSHWAHA 49 4)530 Mukesh kumar jatav 46 5)901 Pratap singh solanki 22 6)745 Uday pratap 19 7)817 Uttam singh lodhi 34 8)885 Md zamshed alam 16 9)900 Vijay singh lodhi 15 10)896 Narayan kushwaha 14 All top ten achivers get promoters commission numberwise on 11th feb.2019

  • Reward BIKE

    SSD6394838 Mukesh kumar Bike Worth Rs. 50,000/ SSD6688113 MILAN KUMAR Bike Worth Rs. 50,000/ SSD3799482 RAKESH SINGH Bike Worth Rs. 50,000/ SSD1889256 MD SHAJHAN Bike Worth Rs. 50,000/ SSD1814140 MD RAQUIB UDDIN Bike Worth Rs. 50,000/

  • REWARDS: Laptop

    SSD6394838 Mukesh kumar Laptop Worth Rs. 30,000/- SSD6688113 MILAN KUMAR Laptop Worth Rs. 30,000/- SSD1814140 MD RAQUIB UDDIN Laptop Worth Rs. 30,000/- SSD6413939 Shahid Ansari Laptop Worth Rs. 30,000/- SSD3799482 RAKESH SINGH Laptop Worth Rs. 30,000/- SSD1889256 MD SHAJHAN Laptop Worth Rs. 30,000/- SSD5816430 Pranav kumar 30,000/- SSD6720818 MONGAL KISHOR MAHTO 30,000/- SSD8061103 KRISHNA SINHA 30,000/- SSD3347995 Lalan Kumar Mehta 30,000/- SSD1067173 Anita Rajpoot 30,000/- SSD4046152 MANARANJAN MAHANTA 30000/-

  • Rewards: Android Mobile Phone

    SSD4046152 MANARANJAN MAHANTA Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD4993124 JYOTI OHDAR Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD3799482 RAKESH SINGH Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD6720818 MONGAL KISHOR MAHTO Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD1814140 MD RAQUIB UDDIN Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD5816430 Pranav kumar Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD8061103 KRISHNA SINHA Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD3347995 Lalan Kumar Mehta Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD9496789 SANDHYARANI MOHANTA Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD1889256 MD SHAJHAN Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD6329085 PORESH CHANDRA MOHANTA Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD6413939 Shahid Ansari Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD9700794 Akbar Ansari Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD8667370 Kurban Ansari Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD9843603 VIJAY KERKETTA Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD8729744 RAJA RAM CHAUPAL Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD3900229 SHAINE BEGAM Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD6179311 RAMROHAN BAITHA Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD1778886 Pradeep sharma Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD3347606 DUSHASAN HEMBRAM Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD2261285 VIVEK KUSHWAHA Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD6536898 MOHSINA BEGAM Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD1067173 Anita Rajpoot Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD7428817 PRAKASH KUMAR MANDAL Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD7790980 Ramkishor Kushwaha Android Mobile Worth Rs. 10,000/ SSD5944007 Aklal Singh 10,000/ SSD4030684 MD SHAKIL AHMAD 10,000 SSD5026400 VIJAY RAM 10,000/- SSD8252366 Sitaram chattar 10,000/- SSD5998134 MALIKA SIMI 10,000/- SSD4484367 ASHOK KUMARTRIPATHI 10,000/- SSD7890497 Naresh Kushwaha 10000/- SSD8046711 SUNIL KUMAR YADAV 10000/- SSD7167813 Mayank Kumar 10000/- SSD4996725 SANJAY MALAKAR 10000/- SSD5759656 GOPAL KUMBHAKAR 10000/- SSD7393350 SANJEEV KUMAR AMAN 10000/- SSD6820853 MUKESH KUMAR MINZ 10000/- SSD8447631 RAMESH CHANDRA MOHANTA10000/ SSD8096420 RINA KUMARI 10000/- SSD1789261 SHIVENDRA NAMDEO 10000/- SSD1941020 JITENDRA KUMAR SAH 10000/- SSD8835276 MUKESH KUMAR 10000/- SSD7456865 GHAJALA FATMA 10000/- SSD6897119 MD IMRAN 10000/-

  • Rewards : 2500/-

    SSD9843603 VIJAY KERKETTA 2500/ SSD6051548 MOHD HASHIM 2500/- SSD7970260 HARI SHANKER 2500/- SSD6329085 PORESH MOHANTA 2500/- SSD8467808 DEBASIS MOHNTA 2500/- SSD5790127 DEEPIKA MAHANTA 2500/- SSD8233580 Manas ranjan Mohanta 2500/- SSD4484367 ASHOK KUMAR TRIPATHI 2500 SSD9644862 JOHNSON DUNGDUNG 2500 SSD6179311 RAMROHAN BAITHA 2500 SSD9141860 SANDEEP KERKETTA 2500 SSD1702194 Mahabir Baraik 2500 SSD8691811 NITAI KUMBHAKAR 2500 SSD7790980 Ramkishor Kushwaha2500 SSD7482736 Laxmikanta mohanta 2500 SSD4205109 Jayanti paul 2500 SSD1772828 Jayram tiriya 2500 SSD7423886 SUNARAM GUIA 2500 SSD2034974 SUBHASH JAISWAL 2500 SSD7955823 Gayatri choudhary 2500 SSD9590577 Khemchend ahirwar 2500 SSD9182910 ANJALI KUARI 2500 SSD6991582 MANGAL NAIK 2500 SSD8038537 PRABHASH KUMAR 2500 SSD5666174 SACHIN KUMAR 2500 SSD1797910 SARWAN KUMAR 2500 SSD9646474 ABHISHEK MINZ 2500 SSD2126497 NIRAJ KUMAR 2500 SSD8390505 RIJAUL HAQUE 2500 SSD9700794 Akbar Ansari 2500 SSD4198995 Trilochan naik 2500 SSD5514918 SUNIL KUMAR BHARTI2500 SSD8267739 NABIN KUMAR MAJHI 2500 SSD4597984 VIBHISHAN KUMAR DAS2500 SSD1808851 SANJAY KUMAR SAH 2500 SSD1131037 MANGAL KUMAR 2500 SSD1140097 Nasiruddin ansari 2500 SSD8808223 AMAR KUMAR JHA 2500 SSD3634847 MOBINA KHATOON 2500 SSD8667370 Kurban Ansari 2500 SSD8687096 MD. WARISH ALAM 2500 SSD6591044 Md Imran Ansari 2500 SSD4448402 KAMALJEET KAUR 2500 SSD9598022 ABHAY KUMAR 2500 SSD4137279 SURAJDEO BHAGAT 2500 SSD8867837 Sohrab Ansari 2500 SSD5944007 Aklal Singh 2500 SSD1898961 Saddam hussain 2500 SSD3473552 Rustam ansari 2500 SSD8072489 MD SALMAN 2500 SSD8582154 AHAMD HUSAIN 2500 SSD3972832 Halima Khatoon 2500 SSD9894232 Md Mahboob Ansari 2500 SSD6353425 Sneha Tripathi 2500 SSD9713711 NAUKHEZ NISAR 2500 SSD1195376 Naresh hembrom 2500 SSD2801901 RAJESH SHARMA 2500 SSD9855187 shankar kumar jha 2500 SSD6398938 DILIP KUMAR 2500 SSD3016175 MD ARIF ALAM 2500 SSD4256509 SEEMA KUMARI 2500 SSD7032785 Raj kumar yadav 2500 SSD7427369 NIRANJAN KUMAR SINGH 2500 SSD1552331 MD SHAHJAHAN 2500 SSD5581859 GUNJAN KUMARI 2500 SSD9180726 VIKASH BABU 2500 SSD9345037 GOURAB KUMAR 2500 SSD9287808 KAPILDEO BISWAS 2500 SSD1220165 SHAILENDRA KUMAR SHARMA 2500 SSD5245425 THAKUR YADAV 2500 SSD4659845 RAJESH KUMAR 2500 SSD6058344 MD.NOOR ALAM 2500 SSD2170574 MANOWAR ALAM 2500 SSD4602572 Pankaj kumar choudhary 2500 SSD3600049 PREMLATA KUMARI 2500 SSD5404785 ZABIR 2500 SSD2220050 MOHAMMAD IMRAN RAZA 2500 SSD2267754 Ganesh Bhandari 2500 SSD9021966 MD SHAMSHEER ALAM 2500 SSD5928230 KISHOR KUMAR 2500 SSD6459728 DURGESH KUMAR DEEPAK 2500 SSD6908701 BRINDAVAN KUMAR 2500 SSD9597490 MD Azmat Ansari 2500 SSD3921878 IKRAMUL ANSARI 2500 SSD7130024 Sooraj kumari 2500 SSD2665570 MANSINGH SHAKYA 2500 SSD1056679 SADDAM HUSAIN 2500 SSD9016583 Kalishwor marandi 2500 SSD7200246 Prama kumari 2500 SSD6682599 Parwati soren 2500 SSD5009726 SANJAY KUMAR THAKUR 2500 SSD6497706 GULABSA PARWEEN 2500 SSD4346933 BRAJESH KUMAR 2500 SSD8835276 MUKESH KUMAR JATAV2500 SSD5581308 Nehru Marandi 2500 SSD4396544 MaheshPrasad Vishwakarma2500 SSD1205682 Surendra sharma 2500 SSD2531913 AJAY KUMAR VERMA 2500 SSD9925885 Ratiram Gautam 2500 SSD9432996 GAUTAM RAZ 2500 SSD2253464 JAMSHED ANSARI 2500 SSD5960637 MITHUN KUMAR CHAKRAWARTI2500 SSD6083158 Jagram Kushwaha 2500 SSD9377471 CHITTA RANJAN MAHANTA 2500 SSD1129939 RAUSHAN KUMAR 2500 SSD7948144 NAZRANA PERWEEN 2500 SSD6556581 DAYANAND PANDIT 2500 SSD3447345 ANIL KUMAR MOURYA 2500 SSD6328990 PANKAJ KUMAR PANIKA 2500 SSD1252514 PANKAJ KUMAR SHARMA 2500 SSD1631479 KAVITA SAHU 2500 SSD1406461 MD MARGHUB ALAM 2500 SSD1562104 PAWAN MOURYA 2500 SSD2573450 Kalicharan Kushwaha 2500 SSD2502979 Sulekha naik 2500 SSD7746045 Preeti Devi 2500 SSD9284998 MUKUND KUMAR 2500 SSD1540277 MANIKANT KARMKAR 2500 SSD3158949 Ramnath lodhi 2500 SSD3225557 JHANAK LAL MANDAL 2500 SSD4558331 SHAMSHAD AHMAD 2500 SSD4398047 AJAY KUMAR 2500 SSD3489023 Rajesh kumar 2500 SSD9400571 Sonelal Sharma 2500 SSD8726369 MD SARFARAJ AHMAD 2500 SSD5753662 LILY BHARTI 2500 SSD9948090 Sikander sharma 2500 SSD8671058 MD ANIS 2500 SSD6294516 ABDUL MATLIB ANSARI2500 SSD5002443 RIZWI BEGAM 2500 SSD8345197 NAWED ALAM 2500 SSD9765625 RAJENDRA PD GUPTA 2500 SSD3322177 RAHUL MOURYA 2500 SSD6948685 SANTOSH KUMAR 2500 SSD1900379 CHANDAN KUMAR JAYSWAL2500 SSD6774921 SUSHANTA TIRIYA 2500 SSD8051885 Lakhan soren 2500 SSD4548270 PRAMOD KUMAR GUPTA 2500 SSD2584301 RAKESH ROUSHAN BISHWAS2500 SSD5803935 JAMADAR HO 2500 SSD6609320 SADANANDA MAHANTA 2500 SSD3864272 SATYANARAYAN THAKUR2500 SSD1268544 QAISAR ALAM 2500 SSD7784218 Praveen Kumar 2500 SSD6267156 MRIDULA VERMA 2500 SSD3996839 MUNNA MUSHTAQUE 2500 SSD8105456 MD MAHFOOZ ALAM 2500 SSD9421103 MD AHSAN ALAM 2500 SSD1748321 MD TARIQUE ANWER 2500 SSD1870809 Rajesh kumar 2500 SSD9879816 PARBATI MOHANTA 2500 SSD2496993 MOHAMMAD SHAUKAT ALI2500 SSD9634422 Md Manuwar 2500 SSD1299760 NOUSEJAN 2500 SSD6468443 DINESH KUMAR NAMDEO2500 SSD6061347 NAUSHAD ALAM 2500 SSD3455051 SARWAR ALAM 2500 SSD6362871 MANSA RAM LODHI 2500 SSD5063898 AJAY KUMAR RAM 2500 SSD7329734 MD RIZWAN ASGAR 2500 SSD5821719 MOSIDA 2500 SSD4576829 DILIP KUMAR SHARMA 2500 SSD9240113 Mobin Ansari 2500 SSD7911686 Chandan Singh 2500 SSD2405554 MADHURI KUMARI 2500 SSD7884161 DINESH KUMAR 2500 SSD1620988 NITESH KUMAR 2500 SSD2036077 JAGAT SINGH 2500 SSD2034435 Rajan kumar 2500 SSD1475997 SANOJ KUMAR SINGH 2500 SSD8169563 PRABHA DEVI 2500 SSD2396715 Babli rajpoot 2500 SSD2076953 MUNNA KUMAR ROY 2500 SSD8722393 Prabhawati 2500 SSD3813396 Pappu 2500 SSD7955952 RIPUDAMANSINGH 2500 SSD8582973 RUBI KUMARI 2500 SSD6435813 CHANDAN KUMAR SADA 2500 SSD8190049 PRAVEEN KUMAR TOMAR2500 SSD3930745 ZIYA NUSARAT 2500 SSD4870517 SARAT KUMAR SAY 2500 SSD4324421 AISA 2500 SSD5415333 NIVEDITA TRIPATHI 2500 SSD7092455 URMILA KUSHWAHA 2500 SSD1955166 RAJESH KUMAR 2500 SSD3520740 ASHISH BHUSHAN 2500 SSD1562949 Sarita sharma 2500 SSD3417765 JAPADIYA HARISH BHAI2500 SSD4285415 Mamta Kushwaha 2500 SSD8824141 RAJESH 2500 SSD8741690 MADAN KUMAR DAS 2500 SSD6809537 ABDHESH LODHI 2500 SSD1543433 PAWAN LAL SINGH 2500 SSD2051179 Nihar Gupta 2500 SSD4698844 BINA DEVI 2500 SSD4738149 Anwar ansari 2500 SSD4588896 BIBI SHAIRA KHATOON2500 SSD1696902 DURYADHAN BEHERA 2500 SSD1561166 BABLI KUMARI 2500 SSD2490802 Yadvendra Singh Bundela2500 SSD4179670 SUSHIL MINZ 2500 SSD5549358 HIKIM MARNDI 2500 SSD5210472 Suchitra mohanta 2500 SSD6274388 JAI NARAYAN BADAIK 2500 SSD3564511 JAGVEER SAH 2500 SSD8299436 RAJKUMAR PODDAR 2500 SSD5311433 SASHIKALA DEVI 2500 SSD2652370 ANIL KUMAR SHARMA 2500 SSD9766797 ABDUR RAHMAN 2500

  • Star Royalty Members

    Total Star Royalty Members : 0 Per Member Star Royalty Income : 0 INR

    Silver Royalty Members

    Total Silver Royalty Members : 0 Per Member Silver Royalty Income : 0 INR

    Special Royalty Members

    Total Special Royalty Members : 9 Per Member Special Royalty Income : 238.89 INR
    1 - SSD2113953 - MD MOBIN
    2 - SSD9766542 - Mahendra Kumar
    3 - SSD8363864 - Jitendra Ahirwar
    4 - SSD7775038 - MD ASLAM
    5 - SSD4189023 - MD RAHULLAH
    6 - SSD1935887 - RAUNAK KHATUN
    7 - SSD8995193 - SOBHA
    8 - SSD5261508 - UMAR FARUK
    9 - SSD2161091 - BIBI RABINA KHATOON

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